Charmingly Naughty Exhibition of Art & Furniture in Teddington, Autumn 2012

Event Details


Mon-Sat, 10am - 5:30pm

Handmade Frames
107 Stanley Road
TW11 8UB
(020) 8943 2967

Well, not really, really naughty, just a little bit naughty; or as the artists themselves have called this exhibition: 'Charmingly Naughty'. Daniel Gask of the bespoke framers Handmade Frames is allowing his gallery space to be transformed into a light-hearted celebration of the female form in different guises.

Hanna ten Doornkaat’s paintings are jewel-like combinations of Indian miniatures and Old Masters but with an ironic twist. Hanna insists that this series of paintings is her way of protesting at the degradation of our environment, waste and consumerism. But what you and I see are charmingly naughty, luscious and extremely over weight ladies enjoying not a dejeuner sur l’herbe but rather a takeout sur l’herbe; drinks cans and bottles and burger wrappers litter the ground. The three graces pose proudly in all their fleshly glory in very twenty-first century S&M gear. One artistic pun follows another. Serious social comment lightly delivered.

Pat McCabe also revels in the female form; her large life studies of luscious ladies are embellished with machine stitching that trails and loops, intensifying the shadows and creases, adding a delicate layer of complexity. In her own very original way Pat continues her exploration of the female form by in her own words ‘using furniture as a canvas with which to create works of functional art that are original and great fun’. Pat fixes her drawings of her luscious ladies to cupboards, lampshades and chairs adding a delicious voluptuousness to these normally very ordinary household items.

Special guest Lyndsay Russell, author of ‘Making it Big’, a light hearted satire of size zero culture will be reading an extract of her book on the opening night and hopefully give us a glimpse behind the scenes by telling us a little about her latest adventure. Lyndsay has just returned from LA where she co-wrote the script of her book together with Lee Aronson, co-creator of the US sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ who earlier this year bought the rights to turn Lyndsay’s book into a film. Visitors to the gallery will have a chance to get an autographed copy of her witty book.

This is a Charmingly Naughty exhibition of art & furniture which will delight, amuse, surprise and perhaps even gently titillate but will very definitely never offend.

Pat McCabe & Hanna ten Doornkaat

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