Furniture Rescue

Have you ever watched, with a tear in your eye, as a well-loved chair or table is committed to the skip or the rubbish tip? Well, just pull yourself together. We live in the age of recycling, don’t we? And that’s why I am now offering a unique bespoke service to rescue furniture. I use furniture as a canvas with which to create works of functional art that are original and great fun.

Pat McCabe

Table with cast iron base & painted croisant

Vintage table finished with refreshements in Trompe L'Oeil

Chest of square drawers painted to look like a 60's tower block

Kitchen chair finished in decoupage using Vivienne Westwood wrapping paper

Traditional school desk & chair finished in decoupage using 'The Beano' comic

Table mirror finished in decoupage in decoupage using 'The Beano' comic

Coat stand finished in decoupage using Vivienne Westwood wrapping paper

Kitchen larder cupboard finished in 'chabby chic' style

Welsh dresser finished in 'chabby chic' style

Bedside tables finished in distressed 'chabby chic' style

Chest of drawers finished in 'chabby chic' style

Period chest of drawers finished with silhouettes of 'Isobel'

Table lamp with 'Isobel' lampshade

Manikin finished in decopage using a period article

Period wall mirror finished in decoupage using period images

'Decoupage' - decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it;
'Trompe L'Oeil' - creating an optical illusion by painting objects appear in three dimensions.

Also see Interiors & Events for illustrations of items in collections & settings.