I paint on quite large canvases and my work is portrait based. I try to paint a story, a piece of theatre, often featuring people I know and placing them in amusing or dramatic situations. I adore colour and the harmonies it can create within a painting. I find that interior design can be quite a strong influence in my compositions, which isn’t surprising given that it was my career for many years.

Pat McCabe

Painting of a diner being served in a restaurant

what is a voucher?...
(oil on canvas; 122cm x 153cm)

Unfinished Business
(oil on canvas; 122x122cm)

Ice (S)cream
(oil on canvas; 122x122cm)

(oil on canvas; 40x40cm)

(oil on canvas; 40x40cm)

(oil on canvas; 40x40cm)

Shel Luvs Men
(oil on canvas; 61x91cm)

(oil on canvas; 91x61cm)

The Lambrini Girls
(oil on canvas)

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